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“Music is great fun” is different from the digital methods. How so then?

The music method for primary education "Music is great fun" is, just like other digital methods, instructive when it comes to music lessons. Children learn rhythms, different styles of music and the like in all digital teaching methods. However, this music method for primary education “Music is great fun” is on paper! Nice and old skool, just wonderful learning and doing from a book and not from an IWB. As described in a previous article of mine, children learn better from paper than from IWB or screen. The fabric sticks better, the concentration is higher and it is easier to scroll back and repeat.

Physical books, that is the solution for really good durable and deep dust, unlike what you would expect nowadays in this digital age with so many digital teaching methods. Another advantage of the music method for primary education "Music is great fun" is that you can take the music lesson book home with you and leaf through it as homework together with mom and dad. This way the whole family gets music lessons! The music method for primary education “Music is great fun” also teaches the children what a fanfare orchestra is, what a concert band is and what a symphony orchestra is.

The students are offered a piece of instrumentation in the music method for primary education, they get to know many different styles of music and listen a lot to special fragments of music. Of course there is also singing and dancing, but in addition to this playful work, they also learn to play the recorder and music theory in this music method for primary education. The only thing you need to buy is this music method book, a recorder method eg that of Tom Stone, and a recorder. This is how children really learn music!

They learn to read music on paper and everything stays bundled in 1 or 2 books, instead of from the IWB or loose worksheets that get lost. Reading is “topographical”. When you read something, you structure the content in your mind just as you mentally map a path when you climb a mountain or bake a cake and follow the steps in your head.

Finally, a real book is experienced as nicer by most students because you can see where a text begins and ends, you can easily read it back and you don't accidentally skip anything that you can do faster from an IWB and screen. In short, the music method for primary education “Music is great fun” is recommended for every primary school. I am of course biased as I wrote the book myself but the facts are undisputed there and researched. We understand and remember information better when we read it from a page than from a screen, so I can share that conclusion and with it my enthusiasm for this book!

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