Why is music so important for every child?

Why is music so important for every child?

It's in several music methods: "children who can play music have an advantage." Music is magically beautiful and beneficial. For one thing, music has a calming effect on children. A kind of mental relaxation. That's why it's important for children to be exposed to music from an early age. You can sing children's songs with them or if you play an instrument yourself you can accompany the child while he/she sings. Music boxes and music boxes are also fun to introduce a child to the beauty of music at a young age. For very young children, it is also good for their speech and language development. By getting a feel for rhythm, they also get a feel for the rhythm of language!

The second reasonwhy music is so important for any child is that it can contribute to better motor skills. As a small child, if you bang on a table along with the music and dance together to music in the house, the child develops her motor skills. If you as an older child go to dance class, ballet class, or any kind of dance class, it nurtures a child's motor skills in a positive way.

Third, of course, music is also really a mood enhancer. It can strengthen emotions. If a child is sad, music can provide support, but if a child is a bit down it can also have a positive effect in that it makes the child happier. It also creates an upbeat atmosphere in the house. Suppose you want to tidy up the room together, put on some music and swing through the room and the room is cleaned up in no time! If you have a few children, music is also helpful in their social skills because they can enjoy music together and form opinions about it.

Fourth, with autistic children or children who are still very young, music can also be a transition from one activity to another, for example, by singing a song just like in the movie the lice mother. It provides structure.

It can also have a positive effect on their language development because from listening to music children learn to listen well. They only listen well to what they really like or find beautiful. If mom says, clean up your room, children are less likely to listen carefully than they are to listen to a nice piece of music. It trains their hearing and therefore language development. They also better distinguish between sounds and words and so young children learn to talk faster.

There are really many more positive effects to mention about the input of music in children, just think of that children can express their emotions in music, from laughing too sad to feel relaxed, it helps them to deal with their emotions and feelings. Music improves children's concentration and by making music or working together with music children learn to cooperate better. Finally, music has a positive effect on the creative qualities of a child. These can develop positively if the child is exposed to music a lot.

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